My Village in Umbria is my personal blog chronicling my life as an expat, writer, spouse, mom and completely partial observant in rural Italy.
I am Elizabeth Heath, a U.S. born writer, blogger and editor now living in central Italy. In my past life, I've served as editor-in-chief to several regional magazines, and contributed hundreds of articles on travel, business, fashion, celebrities, politics, lifestyle and more to local, regional and national publications. I've also edited dozens of editions of Frommer’s travel guides, and book manuscripts for a small boutique publisher.
In 2008, while on a trip to Italy to decide if I really wanted to pick up and move there, I met my future husband, Paolo. We now have a daughter, Naomi, three dogs, several hundred olive trees and a few acres of grapevines. I write about the peculiarities of life in the Italian countryside, the good, the bad, the comical and the bittersweet. I also run an editing service for bloggers,www.bloggereditor.com, and specialize in helping bloggers whose first language is not English.

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